Love Unconditionally by Asus.

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The Dream Begins…

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The day was August 14th 2002, At around 10:30 the Physical Education Instructor at school entered our class with an announcement “Students interested in Football can attend the practice session this 15th after the flag hoisting session is over” he said, What an apt time I thought: – The 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan And South Korea had just come to an end Brazil winning it in style against a very Compact Germany and I liked the way Rivaldo played throughout the competition.

With Rivaldo in mind, I attended the selection in 15th and was selected to play for the team. I always wanted to be a central attacking midfielder but my coach wanted me to be a Left Winger which is considered a more versatile position (Of course, some may not agree, not that I care), So I Half heartedly agreed to be a Left Winger. The team had a couple of classmates in Ashwin and SlavemanG who are on Twitter.

We had to play in an Inter-school event and the team played really well in the group stages and we reached Quarter Finals without any difficulty. We were drawn against a Superior and well-organized school team “BGS International Residency School” We saw them play pre-Quarters against a much weaker team than themselves and played it as a practice match with a score-line of 4-0 and they one leg in semi-finals, considering the fact that we had only scored just 5-6 goals in previous 3 matches.

This for us, at that time was the biggest match of our life, maybe bigger than our exams in March. We started playing well considering that we hadn’t let them score a goal even after 10 minutes into the first half, most annoying thing was the defender and the goalkeeper of the opponent team relaxing while all the 11 of our team players were in our half of the field, the dead lock was broken by them of course, just before halftime.

Second half started with us going all guns blazing, some how we managed to take the ball into their half and a friend floated the ball into the open defense where I went charging breaking the “OFFSIDE” trap and passed the ball to SlavemanG, I was already (well almost) celebrating as I knew this guy had to just tap the anyway past the goalkeeper Mr. Lingaraj (How can I forget his name) But I was wrong, the missed the target by a whisker! Both Me and “G” shocked as both of us didn’t know what happened or how the ball missed going inside the goal!

After this they had many attempt on goal which were easily dealt by our goalkeeper, and we had another opportunity at scoring but I couldn’t convert the Free-kick.

The match ended with the score-line 1-0, and this was an achievement considering the fact that this was the first match in which they (BGS International Residency School) had not scored more than 2 goals. We may have not won the match but we certainly did win the hearts of other teams!

Thus ended my first and best Football experience in a competition!

A big Thank You and *Hat Tip* to SlavemanG for all his help

Very Very Special

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Vangipurappu Venkata Sai Laxman or Very Very Special Laxman as famous cricketer Ian Chappell called him after his sucessfull trip Down-Under in 2003 is noted for his superb timing and the ability to hit against the spin, reminiscent of his role model (My Favorite too) Mohammed Azharuddin. He can flick the ball pitched outside the Off-Stump to leg side! Which I think is a testimony to his supple wrist work!

Some people criticize him not being the best fielder in the team and also not a good runner between the wicket!  But show him a baggy green cap, and Laxman comes alive. He ceases to be ponderous and heavy-footed. There is something in Laxman that brings the best out of him everytime he plays against The Mighty Aussie’s! Before Laxman it was Sir Ian Botham who was always there to torment the Australians!

Laxman’s career changed dramatically in the home series against Australia in 2001 when India was in a phase of transition after the Match Fixing Scandal broke and which led to the Ban of Azhar Jadeja and other players! Ganguly was made the captain against a strong Australian team led by Steve Waugh who had won 15 tests on a row! The first test at Mumbai was over even before the 4th day play started! Next test at Eden Gardens Australia were eyeing a 16th Test victory after asking India to follow-on! India lost 4 Wickets in the Second Innings when VVS Laxman joined hands with Rahul Dravid. The partnership contributed to a record partnership of 376 in which Rahul Dravid  made 180 and together they survived an attack featuring McGrath, Gillespie and Warne the whole 4th day! India won the Test as Bhajji playing his first Test Series Ripped the Aussies batting apart with a Hat-Trick! Laxman confirmed his place in both Test and ODI squad!

He was dropped from the World Cup squad to the South Africa which surprised many including Laxman! But later that when India went for the return tour of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, He had one of the best tour a cricket can only dream of! The series was supposed to be the last for Steve Waugh all the Aussie players were determined to Give their captain a winning farewell but the Famed Indian Batting Order stacked with superstars as if to say It is Cricket’s answer to the Galacticos of Real Madrid had other Ideas!
In Adelaide the Indians were once again down and out after being 4 Wickets down! The Pair of Dravid and Laxman joined forces yet again and the Pair put up a yet another 300+ runs (303 runs) Dravid making 233 and Laxman 148! as it set up India’s first win on Australian soil in 22 years.

Nothing changed when India played Australia in the same series at Sydney! Australian’s got Dravid cheaply but they were in for the shock of their life when Out of form Sachin Tendulkar Joined with Laxman to record a 353 partnership with the master gettin his first double ton in Australia! Laxman again scoring a brilliant 178!

Laxman’s good form was continued in the 2007/08 series against Australia with him scoring 109 against Australia on the second day of the controversial Sydney Test to put India back into the contest.

During the Third Test against Australia at the Feoz Shah Kotla in Delhi in November 2008, Laxman scored an unbeaten 200 in the first innings. This was also the last Test of Anil Kumble!

Today yet again against Australia Batting with a runner because of his bad back, Laxman clobbered an unbeaten 73 from 79 balls this morning  to revive an apparently lost cause, and set up a mesmerizing one-wicket victory.

Laxman has 4 of his 6  ODI centuries and has scored 6 out of his 16 test hundreds including 2 double centuries against Australia.The Cricket Loving people of Australia may not celebrate the day Laxman retires from Test cricket or Steve Waugh and Ricky might not say ‘Hey Laxman’ just like Gandhi said ‘Hey Ram’ before they die. One think is for sure every player in the future playing for Australia will be thanking their Lucky stars as they will not have to play against Laxman who is Very Very Special Indeed!

For most people, this would be the peak of their career. For the man they call “Very, Very Special”, it just fits into his personal highlight reel

Krazzy Me

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To begin with this Blog is all abt the craziest things  done by me. Over the years! There are Some usual things in Life which all of us make, Then there are certain things nly I can do 🙂

  • When I was in 9th A friend invited me for his birthday! I had no money to give him gift and I Din’t want to go empty handed! So I went to a gift shop and Stole a Greeting card! Came back and gave it to him as if I had paid for it!
  • One of my senior was in Love with my class-mate again when I was in 9th! I went along with him when he Proposed her! Next day in school the senior escaped and I was caught!
  • Bunked almost all my Algebra and Geometry classes at tuition for 10th and went to a near by place! Early in the morning!
  • Went to a inter school quiz with two of my friends! Came back to school and told we ended up at sixth place when we din’t even qualify for the finals!
  • Bunked 2months of 1st PU theory classes to play GTA Vice City and NFS UnderGround! at a Cyber Cafe “Friends Net”
  • Walked all the way from RangaShankara to my place recently a good 8Kms at around 10 in the night as I couldn’t find any Bus or Auto!
  • Kept quite when my teachers asked abt how my friends  got hold of question papers of Monthly tests before the tests  in 10th Standard!
  • Took my Mathematics answer sheet back home without giving it to the teachers! Only to come back and write the same paper with the HM sitting next to me! It was my First Term in 10th
  • Today morning after gym was caught by police for driving by scooter with both my hands up in air! Just like how Kaka celebrates after he scores a goal!
  • Tried doing a wheeling in my cycle which I hate to admit but  is the  stupid-est thing I have ‘EVER’ done in my life!

Well these are certain things Which Defines my craziness there are many things more! I don’t wanna put them here!

IPL If Nationalized

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1. The new Commissioner of the IPL, replacing Lalit Modi, will be an IAS officer, 1989 batch, transferred from the Food Corporation of India .

2. Mayawati will demand, however, that the new Chairman should be her own candidate, Mr Dalit Modi .

3. The name of Mumbai Indians will immediately be changed to Mumbai Manus. It will, naturally, field only Maharashtrians (preferably Maharashtrian Brahmins). All other players will have their legs broken. Zaheer Khan will have his house burned down. So will Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan and Mohd Kaif .

4. The Chennai Super Kings team will be renamed Dravida Cricket Kazhagam. Subsequently one faction will break away and the team will split into DCK (DMK) and AIADCK, owing allegience to Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha respectively .

5. Each political party will have its own team: BJP Bandits, Congress Cobras, CPI Cadres, Samajwadi Strikers, CPM Challengers, Trinamul Tigers etc .

6. Auction of players will be replaced by teams calling for tenders for players. The lowest priced players will be picked.

7. Sonia Gandhi will insist that 30% of each team should be reserved for women .

8. Mayawati will demand that SC/ST players will need to run for only 18 yards instead of 22 yards between the wickets .

9. Third Umpire requests will have to be filled in triplicate and duly notarized .

10. All Third Umpire decisions will be referred to a Joint Parlimentary Commission .

11. IPL tickets will henceforth be available at all post offices and BSNL centers from 10 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. The facility to purchase tickets on your cellphone will immediately be withdrawn .

12. Replacing an injured foreign player can be done only through a Tatkal application submitted 48 hours after a Govt doctor examines him .

13. Cheerleaders will be replaced by retired Air-India flight attendants .

14. These new cheerleaders will perform the folk dances of the states they represent during breaks .

15. IPL matches will be shown only on Doordarshan. They will be telecast the day immediately following the match, from 4 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. and subsequently from 3.30 p.m. to 7p.m, subject to satellite link-up availability .

16. Between each innings break Doordarshan will telecast the news in Hindi, followed by news for the hearing impaired .

17. Agricultural shots can be played only during the phase of the game termed ” Krishi Darshan . ”

18. There will be no matches on weekends or on national / regional holidays .

19. The three stumps will be painted saffron, white and green .

20. Bowlers will have to bowl sarpatti and ghasssarkundi balls (Hindi terms for underhand bowling) to the reserved players .

21. Pakistan will immediately announce its intention to start its own version of the tournament called PPL and Mr Zardari will make a visit to Washington to meet President Obama and seek an additional grant of $1 billion to fund it .

Bounced Out!!!

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For a second time in a row Indian Cricket team was bounced out of the T20 World Cup by the same opponents West Indies!!

Why are the players from the Sub-continent, particularly India, not comfortable with the Short, raising deliveries? Maybe the pitches that we have here are best suited for spinners, as we tend to prepare them keeping in mind our strength. India doesn’t have a bowler who can bowl at 140 Km/hr on a regular basis, so when we play against bowlers like Nannes, Tait and Kemar Roch who bowl over 145km/hr, the newcomers are not technically sound and prepared enough. Dhoni, Yuvraj, Raina, Jadeja, Vijay, and others are hit or miss type of players. They are not as technical as Sachin, Dravid, and Laxman. It is subtly obvious that the new players are anywhere near their seniors.

International players are expected to play on all kinds of pitches and all kinds of bowlers! There’ll be a lot of not so sweet chin music and to overcome that U have to have a Strong Heart a good Hand Eye coordination !  Farokh Engineer the best player of Short pitch bowling used to hook or pull the Likes of “Malcolm Marshall” “Joel Garner” who stood at 6ft 8in “Michael Holding” and Andy Roberts! Farokh cannot be compared to Gavaskar or Dravid because during the days of Farokh Helmets were not used and there was no limit of number of short balls in an Over!

What the T20 World Cup over the last two years has done is shown us the future of Indian Cricket with out the 3 musketeers (Sachin Laxman and Dravid) and a certain Sehwag who relies on minimum footwork n Maximum result!! Rakesh Jhunjhunwala tweeted that the only persons who could have helped us at the world cup were both busy tweeting!! Its not long when Sachin will call it quits n Laxman n Dravid will stop playing Test Cricket!!

The likes of Raina, Badrinath n Vijay have a huge responsibility of not only filling in the shoes of the Greatest batsmen ever to have played cricket for India but also the Short Pitched Stuff!!

We need to find answers to the problem of Short Pitched Stuff before it’s too late! If the problem continues there might be a day when even the medium pace or eve spinner bowl to Indian batsmen without any fear!!  Hope the Indian Batsmen learn to play short ball before ‘The 3  Musketeers’ retire!!

Char Youdha Aur Ek Mama

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Prakash Jha a director famous for his Political drama’s Like Gangajal Apaharan and critically acclaimed Mrityudand is back with yet another Master-piece “Raajneti”!!

The star cast of this film is very impressive with Likes of Ajay Devgan (Suraj Kumar) Nana Patekar (Brij Gopal) Arjun Rampal (Prithvi baiya) Manoj Bajpayee (Veerendra Pratap) Katrina Kaif (Indu Pratap) Sarah Thompson (Sarah Collins)!! And Naseeruddin Shah (Bhaskar Sanyal)!!

Here u have 3 actors winning National Awards and the Director himself a National Award winner The expectation was high and it does not let u down! The film basically anchors its plot in two classic tales — The Mahabharata and The Godfather — to create an engrossing diatribe on India’s political system where democracy may prevail, but not in its purest form! A particular scene where Prithvi and Veerendra tries to get their followers near the party office when party president(Veerendra’s father) is hospitalized after suffering stroke makes u think this is what will happen when something happens to Mr. Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu!! The film takes a turn when the president appoints Prithvi as Mahashachiv of the party this makes Veerendra unhappy and wants to make a mark in the election!! Enter’s Ajay Devgan a kabbadi champion and a person who rides a Mercedes like a rally car in the by-lanes of his native village! As elections are fast approaching Ajay gets into a Party’s core committee meeting (Wonder if that is possible) and there Veerendra appoints him as a core committee member just like Duryodhan appoints Karna as a King to take on Arjuna!! Prithivi is implicated in assault case which later gets into a rape case here Samar use’s his PhD brain and gets Prithvi released! The scene where all the stars meet at a rally is brilliant work of the Creativity of the director!
Above is only an excerpt from the movie the actual plot is overwhelming and keeps you glued to the movie screen for the entire span of three hours, which seem pretty less for such a beautiful story line!! Nana Patekar puts in a superlative performance which cannot be described by a novice like me!! The ending could have been done in a more appropriate way rather than sticking to Mahabharata way of finishing!!

Watch out for prithvi singing akhiyan milao kabhi churai!! Bharthi (Prithvi’s mother) confession to Suraj saying tum mere jyestha putra ho!!!

I would give **** and a two thumbs up!! Go watch it

Doom’s day!!!

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I was thinking of writing about this topic somewhere in 2011 or so cause I knew this would happen!!!

Cricket is a team sport agreed and it depends on how all the player’s in the match perform depends. But during the course of this test match one think I observed is that Test cricket is played by persons who are indeed gifted and talented above all have patience!!!! The inability shown by the batsmen to play raw pace on a flat Strip was on full display. The opener’s from hell (Ghambir and Sehwag) Would always attack knowing that even if they fall they have a person on whom the can Depend upon coming at number 3!!! But today they had the added burden of not only giving a good start to the team but also consolidate the position as the Indian team for the first time since 1996 were going in with a test match more than one debutant in the middle order

Last time being when Dravid scored a 95 and walked after nicking one behind without waiting for the Umpire to show him out!!! And Ganguly scoring a Ton on Debut!!!

Coming back to today’s match once the run machine in recent time Gautam Ghambir got out There was lot of pressure on Murli Vijay playing only his 4th Test match. He was foxed by a series of Out swingers from Dale Steyn He had no idea as to what was happening when suddenly he sent an In swinger that rattled the timber’s of Vijay!!! Sachin could have batted a bit sensibly but he too was a bit about the Unavailability of Dravid n Laxman!! But Sehwag plays like only he can No or Little foot work but maximum Result he tried to stop the steyn storm from sweeping the Indian’s away!! Credit must be given to the way Badrinath applied himself I could see the determination in his eyes after all he was getting an opportunity to play for India after 5yrs of hard work!!! Once Badri and Dhoni were out it was only matter of when the Indian team would all be wound out!! The selection of Saha was a bit shocking considering the fact that ppl like Manish Pandey were in the same city after they had played the warm-up game two days b4 the match started!! What amazes me more is the fact that they had gone with 4 Pace bowlers in the 15 member squad when 3 fast bowlers and an extra batsman could have been the Better way!!

Dale Steyn bossed around the Indians in Nagpur with a deliciously devastating spell of bowling!!! Only Dravid and Laxman could have saved India in a Situation like this but knowing Sachin as a player maybe this is It when he’ll show the people that he’s the best by batting through out the 4th day along with Badri or Vijay (Laxman and Dravid batted for the whole day on 4th day against Australia 2001) But with all Respect to Sachin Mr. Dependable and Very Very Special Laxman will be missed badly!!! If this is a trailer of things to come without Dravid and Laxman Doom’s day for Test cricket in India is not a myth!!!!

Top Sporting News Of The Decade

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2000– India’s weight lifter Karnam malleswari a bronze medal for India. First in the Category

2001– India Won The Famous Test at Eden Gardens against the Mighty Australians after being asked to Follow on thanks largely to a partnership of over 300 by Laxman and Dravid.

             David Beckham scored a last-minute equaliser against Greece in England’s second leg play-off at Old Trafford to ensure their participation in the World Cup finals in 2002.

2002– Real Madrid won UEFA Champions Leaguge Their 3rd in Five Years.

2003 — India won The Test Match at Adelaide Thanks to the Very Very Special Laxman and Rahul “The Wall” Dravid. First win after 20Yrs

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Lady Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How many times this has happened to me I don’t know!!? Maybe it’s become a habit for me to sleep during my exams!!!!!!!! Today was no different I was ready to go n sleep in front of the monitor in NIIT.
I was almost sure flunking in an exam at NIIT for the first time. Reached my centre at Jayanagar wondering as to how will the questions will be and how to make sure no one catches me while I am sleeping. I prayed god not to help me in passing but to just make sure that I get easy questions, or even postpone the exam.
Nothing of that kind happened as I was told that exam was scheduled at 5.30 pm and I was a bit tensed as usual. The time arrived and was asked select the system where I would take the exam as there were only 4 of us taking the exam. I said to myself anyway I will fail take a corner seat just to make sure nobody will get to know my marks, I was asked to put my login detail after that the test started.

A set of 35 questions relating to ASP.Net and Intel V-tunes with each having 4 options almost similar to each other started coming on screen, Just selected them some of them I knew some I guessed other’s blindly I just selected. All the questions were answered and I ended the test. After waiting for almost 10 mins patiently the result came n I could not believe it 70% the highest score scored my be in NIIT and that to when I was expecting to fail miserably. Don’t ask me how I could pull this thing off but I am sure that the so called Lady-Luck is very much with me and smiling surely….